IFS and Judeo-Christian Faith all day workshop


Julie Honeycutt, LPC, Certified IFS Practitioner, level 3 trained


Hosted by Trevecca University Counseling Center
333 Murfreesboro Road
Nashville, TN  37210


Friday, January 25th

Registration: 8-9am

Morning Session: 9-12pm

Lunch (on site): 12-1pm

Afternoon Session: 1-4:30pm


Whether you’re a person of faith or not, the majority of the United States has a legacy of Christian teachings steeped in it’s culture, impacting many of our clients. This workshop will introduce the IFS model from the Judeo-Christian world-view perspective of anthropology. We will also discuss case examples of how IFS is a wonderful tool to help people connect to God in a more meaningful way by looking at the various parts that Christians (or people who used to identify as Christian) tend to have within their personalities. We will consider how the Enneagram personality types can make an IFS counseling experience more efficient and tailored to each clients needs.

We find that in the human condition, there is nothing new under the sun. Even in ancient times, we see a demonstration of this inner opposition or polarization when St. Paul in the book of Romans writes about not wanting to do things that he finds himself doing and wanting to do things that he can’t seem to accomplish. IFS is a tool that is used to help ease this inner tension which often leads to clarity of mind allowing clients to make confident choices on a path of peace.

We don’t need judge the “problem” parts; rather, we seek to understand them and appreciate their efforts to help, without losing sight of the ways they cause problems. Similar to how Jesus approached sinners; loving them as people and naming the choices or behaviors that were harmful to them and to their relationship with God.

Julie offers Christian IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapy as a certified IFS therapist. Her training is unique in that she was able to attend level 1 & 2 solely with other like-minded Christians which afforded them to wrestle with where the IFS model of therapy does not align with Judeo-Christian faith world view. Julie has been leading groups, workshops, and lectures for churches, therapists, and clergy since 2006, offering back to the community this integrative perspective on psychology and faith.

6 IFS CEU's and Professional CEU's


$60 for students
$100 for non-licensed clinicians
$150 for licensed clinicians

*Lunch and CEU’s are included


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