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Interest Lists

If you are unable to participate in a training that's already available on this website, please add your name to an Interest List for a potential future training.  Being on an Interest List doesn't obligate you to apply for or enrolle in a future training, though planning for a training can only proceed if a sufficient number of people are seriously interested.  We also encourage you to refer your friends and colleagues to IFS trainings and Interest Lists. 

Please note that being on an Interest List is not the same as applying to a training, or being enrolled in a training, or being on the waiting list for a training.  If you would like to apply to an available training or be added to its waiting list, please submit a completed program application.

How to Add Your Name to Interest Lists:  If you need assistance with registering, logging in, or putting your name on an interest list, please contact  If you haven't already registered on this website, you need to do that first.  To register or log in, please go to the top right portion of the home page.  When you add yourself to an interest list, your screen name will be visible.  

If You Would Like to Add a New Interest List:  Please contact for more information.

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To find out more about trainings that are already scheduled, please see the Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 training pages.


International Interest Lists

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