Level 2 Trainings

Level 2 Trainings

About IFS Training Programs

The Center for Self Leadership offers progressive levels of training in Internal Family Systems, from beginning (Level 1) through advanced (Level 3).  As a training participant you will learn both IFS theory and techniques, thus gaining the knowledge and practical skills you need to understand and actively use IFS with individuals, couples, children, families, and groups.

Level 2:  Deepening IFS Work

Level 2 trainings give Level 1 graduates the chance to develop their IFS expertise in a variety of content areas and with different clinical populations.  The Center for Self Leadership offers all of the Intensive Level 2 trainings, and we invite you to take as many as you wish. Central Connecticut State University offers Multi-topic Level 2s. Please see each training's website brochure for details.

Intensive Level 2s: There are several types of Intensives. Deepening & Expanding with IFS offers you a unique opportunity to immerse yourself more fully in the core aspects of IFS practice and experience. The other Intensives explore one topic in-depth for the entire training.

Multi-topic Level 2s: These trainings cover four content areas in one training, including Strengthening Skills and Advanced Techniques, Working with Trauma, Working with Multiple Systems, and The Therapeutic Relationship and Spiritual Aspects of IFS.

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Intensive Level 2 Training Programs

Training Program Training Program Schedule
IFS, Addictions and Eating Disorders: Austin, TX (578) 2020:  June 1-5
IFS, Addictions and Eating Disorders: Nashville, TN (534) 2020:  January 16-20
Intimacy from the Inside Out (543) 2019: Sept. 9-13, Dec. 2-6
Intimacy from the Inside Out (551) 2020: March 26-30, June 18-22
Intimacy from the Inside Out (637) 2020: September 30 - October 5, December 2-7
Shame, Anxiety and Depression - An IFS Approach: Boston, MA (498) 2019:  December 4-8


Interest Lists for Intensive Level 2 Training Programs

If you are unable to participate in one of the Intensive Level 2s already scheduled, we invite you to add your name to an Interest List for a prospective Intensive training, whether on the same or a different subject. CSL will email people on Interest Lists should a training be scheduled in their area and topic. Please note that being on an Interest List does not obligate you to apply to or enroll in a training, and you may add your name to multiple Interest Lists.

Click here for Intensive Level 2 Interest Lists.

Multi-Topic Level 2 Training Programs

Training Program Training Program Schedule
New Britain, CT (613) 2019: November 1 - 3 , December 13 - 15
2020: February 7 - 9 , March 27 - 29

If you need more information about enrolling in a Multi-topic Level 2 training at Connecticut State University in New Britain, CT, please contact rcohenifs@aol.com.