CSL/IFS Mid-Atlantic Group ListServ Guidelines

CSL/IFS Mid-Atlantic Group List Serve Guidelines

Welcome to the CSL/IFS Mid-Atlantic Group List Serve! Please read and save these guidelines for future reference.

Please add ifsmidatlantic+subscribe@googlegroups.com to your address book. Then just enter that into the TO field of a blank email when you want to send a message to the group.

The North America IFS practitioner directory is maintained by the Center for Self Leadership and is located at: http://selfleadership.org/find-an-ifs-therapist.html.


IFS Mid-Atlantic Group List Serve Guidelines

 Group Purpose

The purpose of the IFS Mid-Atlantic Group List Serve is to provide a welcoming on-line community for practitioners of IFS in the Washington, DC and Mid-Atlantic area, in which members can make announcements and referrals, and have discussions related to Internal Family Systems.


Group Policies

  •  Members must respect client confidentiality at all times. Please do not include any identifying information when making a referral.  Limit information to identifying data such as client’s age, gender, location, insurance requirements, therapy concerns, preferred gender of therapist (e.g., “female, mid-twenties, lives in Watertown, has BC/BS, wants to work on issues related to conflict with family of origin, prefers male tp.”). If the client is a challenging referral it is appropriate to mention that (e.g., “complex trauma history, needs seasoned clinician”). Please avoid any potentially pejorative comments when referring to clients.
  •  The list serve is not to be used for case consultations. If you are seeking consultation, please frame your question and ask people to backchannel you with their responses or ideas -- or let it be known that you are looking for a consultant with specific expertise in xyz.
  •  It is fine to have theoretical conversations, or conversations about work with particular symptoms/kinds of parts -- that educates us all, it's fun, and it does not risk boundary violations.
  • This group may not be used for commercial purposes. “Commercial” means anything whose main purpose is to advance the financial interests of any individual member, as opposed to one that benefits the group as a whole. Examples of prohibited communications include advertisements for products, home sales or rentals, or services or direct solicitations of online group members to purchase products or services.
  •  Members may announce events, publications, trainings, consultation groups, office space, and other topics that would be of professional interest to the IFS community. 
  •  Please be mindful of copyright laws.  Group members should not post a full-text version of published material to the online group. Sending the entire article to the group, without permission of the author or publisher, constitutes a copyright violation. However, it is appropriate to refer to an article or news item with typical reference citations, provide a brief quote, or offer a link to legitimate online published content.
  • Members may not share any other member’s e-mail address without the individual’s consent. 


Group Guidelines and Etiquette

  • Please discuss items that are more appropriately addressed between two or more members outside the online group.
  • In exchanges on the online group, and when referring to others, avoid personal attacks and characterizations that question a person’s character, behavior, professional competence, motive,  parts, or degree of Self leadership.
  • When discussing potentially controversial or contentious subjects, please speak for parts, not from parts.
  • When composing a new message, please create a relevant subject heading to indicate what the message is about. Also, do not simply reply to an existing message on an entirely different subject. If your reply to an existing message substantially changes the subject of the message, please change the subject heading.
  • When you reply to a message, please trim the text so that it includes only that portion of the original message that is necessary to understand your post.
  • When responding to emails from the group, you can choose to reply either to the whole group, the individual sender, or both. If you want to reply to the whole group (which includes the original sender) you have to choose "Reply to All"-- a simple "Reply" will send the reply only to the individual sender. If you delete the individual names from the To and Cc fields those members won't receive multiple copies of your email intended for the entire group.


Moderator’s Responsibilities

The IFS Mid-Atlantic List Serve moderator(s) will manage the online group. Group management includes, but is not limited to: adding and removing online group members, changing online group member settings, and responding to inquiries related to the list or its use. The moderator will also periodically post the online group usage policies to the group and may referee any posting activities that violate the spirit or letter of the List Serve guidelines.