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The Internal Family System (IFS) model of psychotherapy offers a compassionate, non-pathologizing and self-strengthening approach to a wide variety of clinical populations, but it is uniquely qualified to respond to clients with a history of trauma.

 The approach begins with a basic assumption that individuals  who experienced chronic childhood exploitation  develop vigilant, intense and highly-sensitive protective behaviors to shield their vulnerability from further pain. Yet,  they enter treatment because the parts of themselves entrenched in these protective coping styles become self- destructive, compulsive or addictive and seriously hamper their overall functioning.

In IFS therapy clients are offered a safe container in which they are given hands-on tools to begin to interact with their own protective systems in ways that are self- accepting and non-judgmental. These methods help organize the sense of chaos they experience  as well as provide a safe avenue towards healing the most fragile parts of their inner world.

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