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Volunteer at the 2019 IFS Conference

Each year the conference is supported by a large number of volunteers who help The Center for Self Leadership staff onsite during the time of the event. This year we have several different volunteer positions available. While the conference does not offer scholarships, the volunteer opportunity is a great way to be part of the conference support team, attend workshops of your choice, connect with conference attendees and receive financial support in return.

Volunteer Registration: Volunteer Registration: $100.00 per day you are volunteering, and non-refundable. Note: Non-volunteer days are full price.


To Apply:
Please email
Please do not call or email other accounts. You will be asked to email this account directly as volunteering positions are filled on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in volunteering, please do not register prior to confirming your volunteer positions.
The Conference Manager will confirm your volunteer positions. You will be required to register to reserve your spots.

Your email should include the following:
Full Name
The days of the conference you are wanting to volunteer/attend Top 2 workshops per session that you would want to volunteer for.
*You must volunteer for a minimum of two workshops.

Volunteer Opportunities

CSL will require up to 35 attendees to fill these roles.

Please select two workshops you would like to volunteer for per day.

Thursday >> Preconference Institute Workshops
Friday or Saturday >> Plenary
Friday and Saturday >> Morning and Afternoon Workshops
Specific Evening Programs. Email for Availability
*Please note Preconference and Full Day workshops count as your two workshops!

In this role you will be asked to (1) introduce yourself to the presenters (2) Check attendees registration badges to make sure they are registered for the specific workshop (3) point out the CE sign in table (4) Assist presenter with Q&A mic (5) If there is any sort of problem/disruption in the workshop to include..av malfunction etc you would contact Ashley. *NOTE: You do not miss any part of the workshop. You can participate FULLY in all conversations and exercises.

Volunteer registration is $100.00 per day that you volunteer.

Pre Event Set Up: Wednesday, September 25th

CSL is looking for attendees to assist with IFS Conference Bookstore set up and other pre event tasks including registration packet preparations. This is an all-day position that offers FREE REGISTRATION ON THE DAY OF YOUR CHOICE TO THE 2019 IFS Conference.

Volunteers must be able to lift boxes. Fairly heavy lifting is part of this job. Authors ship their books to the conference and moving them from the hallway into the bookstore and unpacking them is part of this role. You will be supported by CSL staff in this role. LUNCH IS ON US ☺

Other positions may become available in the next few weeks!

*All Volunteer Positions are offered on a first-come first serve basis and you must register to reserve your position choices.
**Volunteer Application Fees are non-refundable should you cancel your registration or volunteer position.

For more information about these volunteer opportunities including time commitments, responsibilities, volunteer application fees or to reserve your volunteer positions, please contact