Directory & List of IFS Therapy Trainers
Trainer category U.S. State Keyword
Profile Last name First name Organization City Category
Anderson Frank Harvard
Arbel Osnat (Osi) ISRAEL Lead Trainer
Barbera Mona PROVIDENCE Assistant Trainer
Blicher Karen Asheville Lead Trainer
Booth Fran Andover Assistant Trainer
Bronstein Einat Yehud Lead Trainer
Burris Chris Weaverville Lead Trainer
Cargill Barb Longmont Lead Trainer
Carluer Laurence FRANCE Assistant Trainer
Cohen Ralph S. Newington Lead Trainer
Curtis Cathy Santa Cruz Assistant Trainer
Davis Kevin Charlotte Assistant Trainer
Dubin Rina W. Newton Assistant Trainer
DuParri Mary CHESTERFIELD Assistant Trainer
Elkin Michael Newton Cenre Lead Trainer
Gardner Kay Skokie Lead Trainer
Ginter Paul KALAMAZOO Lead Trainer
Glissen Marushka Relationship Visions Newton Center Assistant Trainer
Graybeal Carol Associates in Counseling and Personal Development Lewisburg Assistant Trainer
Herbine-Blank Toni HESPERUS Lead Trainer